Privacy Policy

We only process personal data (hereinafter referred to as "data") insofar as this is necessary to provide our content and services on a functional, convenient website.

"Processing" means the collection, use, transfer and/or storage of the data. According to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”), “personal data” includes all data with which a natural person could be identified. The precise definitions of the terminology are given in Art. 4 GDPR.

The following is intended to inform you in particular about the type, scope, purpose, duration, and legal basis of the processing of personal data we do, its purposes, and our means of processing, which we decide alone or together with others. It is also used to optimise the user experience with third-party components that process data in accord with the respective privacy policies.

Version: 10/2020

I. About the data controller responsible for the processing

The provider acting as data controller within the meaning of GDPR and other national data protection laws of the member states as well as other data protection regulations is:

Feinwerktechnik Otto Harrandt GmbH
Robert-Bosch-Straße 25
71397 Leutenbach-Nellmersbach

phone: +49/ (0)7195/ 906 800
fax:       +49/ (0)7195/ 906 802 99

The data controller's external data protection officer is:

Marc Stolz
Hopp + Flaig PartG mbB
Beratende Ingenieure
Neue Weinsteige 69/71
70180 Stuttgart

and can be reached as follows:

Feinwerktechnik Otto Harrandt GmbH
- Datenschutzbeauftragter -
Robert-Bosch-Straße 25
71397 Leutenbach-Nellmersbach


II. User rights

With regard to our processing of your personal data as described below, you have the right:

1. to request confirmation as to whether data concerning you is being processed and for precise information about this data as well as for further information and copies of the data in accordance with Art. 15 GDPR

2. to demand the immediate correction of any incorrect data we have concerning you or to complete said data in accordance with Art. 16 GDPR; request that your data be deleted immediately in accordance with Art. 17 GDPR, or, alternatively, if, for example, further processing in accordance with Art. 17 para. 3 GDPR is necessary, to restrict said data processing in accordance with Art. 18 GDPR.

4. To receive copies of any data we have on file concerning you and/or provided by you in accordance with Art. 20 GDPR and request its transmission to other data controllers;

5. To file a complaint with the relevant supervisory authority in accordance with Art. 77 GDPR, if you have reason to believe that our processing of your data is in violation of the GDPR.

6. In principle, on the basis of Art. 21 GDPR, you can, at any time, refuse any future processing of your data being done by us on the basis of Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR. Such an objection may in particular be lodged against any processing for direct advertising purposes.

7. We are also obliged to notify any third party to whom the data has been disclosed of any subsequent correction or deletion of the same or any restriction on its processing on the basis of Art. 16, Art. 17 para. 1 GDPR, and Art. 18 GDPR. However, this obligation does not apply if such notification is impossible or involves a disproportionate effort. You have the right to information about these recipients of your data.

III. Information about the data processing

Unless otherwise stipulated below, we will delete or block your data as soon as the purpose for its storage no longer applies and as long as such deletion does not conflict with any statutory retention requirements.

Server data

For communication and security reasons, the following data transmitted by your browser to us or our web space provider will be collected during your visit to the website (so-called server log files):

- Browser type and version;
- Directory protection users;
- Operating system in use;
- Website from which you just came (referrer URL);
- Pages you visit within the site;
- Date and time of access;
- Your IP address.

The data is also stored for a maximum of one day and then anonymized. Data which must be retained as potential evidence will not be deleted until the relevant incident has been ultimately clarified.

The legal basis for the temporary storage of data is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR based on our legitimate interest in improving the stability, functionality and security of our website.


a) Cookie Declaration

We use so-called cookies on this website. Cookies are small text files or other storage technologies that your internet browser stores on your device. These cookies process certain information about you on an individual basis, such as your browser and location data and IP address.

b) Options for deleting cookies

You can prevent or restrict the installation of cookies by changing your browser settings accordingly. Cookies that have already been set can be deleted at any time. The instructions to do this depend on the browser and system being used. For Flash cookies, you cannot prevent the processing using your browser settings, but must instead make the appropriate settings in your Flash player. If you prevent or restrict the installation of cookies, not all of the functions of the site may be fully usable.

Contact & enquiries

If you contact us, the personal data you provide at that time will be used to process your enquiry.

If your enquiry is intended to establish, fulfil, or investigate the possibility of a contract with us, the legal basis for such processing is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b GDPR.

We will delete this data once we have completely responded to your query, unless there are legal obligations to retain the data, such as for subsequent fulfilment of contracts.

The legal basis may also be your consent per Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a GDPR.

Per Art. 7 para. 3 GDPR, you may revoke said consent at any time by notifying us accordingly. The data previously processed in this situation will then be deleted as soon as it is no longer necessary to process it.

Job applications

In the case of job applications, we electronically collect and process your application data for the purpose of completing the application process.

The legal basis for this processing is §26 para. 1 clause 1 of the German Data Protection Act (BDSG) in conjunction with Art. 88 para. 1 GDPR.

If you are hired as a result of your application, the data collected from you may be stored in your personnel file for purposes of normal organizational and administrative processes in compliance with appropriate legal requirements.

The legal basis for this processing is §26 para. 1 clause 1 of the German Data Protection Act (BDSG) in conjunction with Art. 88 para. 1 GDPR.

If the job application is rejected, the transmitted data will be deleted automatically two months after we notify you of that decision. This does not apply if legal requirements such as retaining evidence under the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG). The data will then be stored for as long as four months or until the conclusion of legal proceedings as necessary.

The legal basis is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR and §24 para. 1 No. 2 BDSG.

The legitimate interest of the provider consists in its legal defence.

If you expressly consent to a longer storage of your data, e.g. for your inclusion in a database of applicants or interested parties, the data will be processed further on the basis of your consent. It will then be deleted after 12 months.

The legal basis is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a GDPR. Consent to this can be given in accordance with Art. 7 para. 3 GDPR; you may revoke this consent with future effect by notifying us at any time.