Harrandt goes Digital.

The wire test module for testing and quality assurance of coated enamelled copper wires is our prime example of the possibilities of the IoT.

Through the use of intelligent data analysis, processing and use, Harrandt has succeeded with the wire test module in enabling hairpin manufacturers to identify defective raw materials even before the start of the costly manufacturing process. Decisive production data is recorded and evaluated in real time and made directly available to all affected departments, regardless of the machine.

Starting Point and Challenge

Hairpin producers are constantly faced with the problem of getting a clear, reliable and, above all, early insight into the quality of the hairpin wire that has been delivered. However, this is absolutely necessary because the wire often exhibits a high variance in the insulation layer thickness and the position of the inner copper core, which can lead to avoidable rejects or even a delay in production start-up and thus also the series production. Up to now, operators of wire testing machines have been able to check the quality of the wire, but the data was only transmitted to the other areas involved in production at the end of the shift using a manually filled out Excel table. In the meantime, it was quite possible that a poor quality wire was processed further.

Our Solution

The wire test module from Harrandt combines the technologies of the insulation layer thickness measurement, the position and form test as well as the insulation test via the incremental encoder. Combined with a position measuring system, you receive a precise, position-exact insight into the quality of the material. The measurement data is determined at a wire speed of up to 2 m/s. At the same time, our integrated web-based AI evaluation software takes over the data analysis and processing of the required parameters. This data is made available almost in real-time on a customer-specific OPC UA interface. The web evaluation dashboard enables users to easily access the measurement data via PC, tablet or mobile phone as well as various evaluation options that can be individually adapted.

Our technology provides real-time information on material quality - and prevents unnecessary rejects.

The Result

Thanks to the detailed real-time insight into the varying quality of the material, all areas involved in production have the opportunity to carry out online readjustments throughout the up and downstream processing and implement automated complaint management. This leads to the automated adjustment of bending parameters depending on the respective insulation layer thickness, position of the copper core in the conductor as well as the control of the individual removal rate when stripping the copper wire on all four sides. This enables the production of hairpins in consistently tested premium quality. The wire test module is already being used successfully by our customer Wafios increasing the productivity of their entire hairpin manufacturing process.

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