Stator test module

Your goal is not only to test, your goal is also to set up control cycles and reliable process readjustments. With our stator test module as an in- or offline solution, a non-contact 3‑D measurement of the stator within the production line is ensured.


  • Non-contact 3-D measurement of the stator before and after welding/setting or twisting/widening
  • Geometric measurement of the pin position before and after welding
  • Measurement of all physically visible points


  • Detection of damage to the insulation layer as well as adhesions of potting material
  • Increase in overall output, acceleration of series production
  • Connection to web-based database

A module which can be used at two steps within the process.

Take a moment, press "Play" and see our technology at first hand before welding.

Take a moment, press "Play" and see our technology at first hand after welding.

Different distances of the welding heads, geometric deviations of the pins in XYZ direction, as well as cavities after welding are common terms for you?

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