Residual material test module

Not visible for the eye? Our residual material test module is a measuring module for statistical process control (SPC) of layer thicknesses and residual material on the stripped area/parts of the hairpin. Within a few minutes, a hairpin is not only measured, also a digital micrograph is created with micrometer precision.


  • Analysis of the "stripping" process to ensure quality of laser welding
  • Micrometer precision measurement of coating adhesion on all four sides
  • Statistical evaluations for checking of process parameters


  • Creation of digital micrograph
  • Early detection of tool damage
  • Remote calibration and connection to web-based database possible

Take a moment, press "Play" and see our technology at first hand.

The detection of paint residues, pore formation due to residual material during welding and inaccurate measurement results of a hairpin should no longer be your problem?

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