We not only focus on the finished product but take the entire manufacturing process into account. As a result, over the last 60 years, our customers have become measurably more efficient and productive.

Our services in detail

Automated testing and measuring of quality features on complex components with fully automated assembly processes, supported by IoT with artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud connection, open platform communications and unified architecture.

Our Portfolio

Independent of existing testing and measuring technologies, we develop and implement intelligent solutions s for quality optimisation in automated processes with the highest precision requirements. Our portfolio includes systems, applications, software, maintenance, application consulting and training. Thanks to the modular structure of our solutions, we can respond precisely to the requirements of our customers.

Our Approach

With a deep understanding and appreciation of accuracy and quality, we identify the required process features, tailor our high-precision solutions exactly to individual needs and sustainably integrate them into the overall production.

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Consulting      Maintenance
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Our environmental goals

As a company, we are seriously commitment to a sustainable, environmentally compatible business attitude. Our eco-management system manifests our efforts to continuously improve the protection of the environment and natural resources in all areas of our business and along the entire value chain.

Our Success Story

Success and
quality since 1958.

In 1958 Otto Harrandt had a groundbreaking idea: to mark automotive pistons with the help of a stamping device so that they could be classified and later traced. Since then we have established a variety of innovative solutions for quality optimization in multiple markets.

We solve
your problems.

In the meantime, we continue to develop product-independent process and automation-oriented technologies that help premium manufacturers from a wide range of industries to build their competitive advantage as quality leaders.

Our knowledge
speaks for itself.

As a company with tradition that keeps pace with the times, we look to the future and embrace new challenges - and are the right partner for demanding projects with maximum requirements in terms of quality and precision.

Interview with Karl Remppel
Managing Director

"We are unique and revolutionary - and still characterized by the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation."

My goal is to provide fresh impetus for the long-term development of the company and for Harrandt to open up into other attractive business areas such as e-mobility.

What distinguishes Harrandt from other precision engineering companies?

Today we master a wide range of modern measuring, testing and assembly technologies, which we combine with 60 years of experience in factory automation. Our many years of experience in the automation of complex measuring, testing and assembly processes is combined with our relentless curiosity and the demand to precisely understand the ideas and specifications of our customers. We not only look at our customer’s finished product, but also analyze the upstream and downstream processes. In this way we can ensure an increase in our customers' productivity over the long term.

What makes Harrandt special?

Being prepared for constantly changing requirements and never losing sight of own quality standards: This is a challenge we meet every day by mastering technological changes and the complexity of the requirements and thereby flexibly responding to the wishes and suggestions of our customers.

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